The 3D Print Cup

In April I got asked by cartidgesave if I wanted to be involved in the 3D Print Cup with the chance of winning a 3d Printer, so of course I said yes!!

My entry is Prophabot, a robot that can predict the future (cheesey I know) :).  She was designed in Sketchup and took hours of hardwork (mainly due to sketchup glitching and making life difficult 😥 ) The initial idea was to create a handheld monster that would have a rolling belly and moving fur, but after realising sketchup’s limitations I went with a simpler design – prophabot.

2014-08-12 (2) 1157466618431612958 

After the all the design work was finished and the .stl submitted, I waited in anticipation for the model to arrive. Once it had arrived many more hours were spent slaving away at the support material, which appeared to be stronger then kevlar! It was so strong I had to invest in a tree saw to set the main ball free.

Yay! The materialised Prophabot

Yay! The materialised Prophabot

Then I embarked on a trip to ASDA to buy bottle upon bottle of nail varnish to bring prophabot to life!

Here’s me adding the final touches with a sharphie marker:



Prophabot won the best student catagory!!! YAY 😀

I can’t wait to enter again next year although I may consider looking into some more advanced software… 🙂

The Manchester Mini Maker faire

This weekend I took part in the first ever manchester mini maker faire! It was a fantastic weekend, I exhibited my Arduino powered volcano there next to the Mcr Girl Geeks Staall.

There were the most amazing projects on show:

– Hac Man was there showing their Giant Etch a Sketch, Giant Operation and their 3D printed 3D printer.

– Mcr Game Jam was there with…